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This edition of the show will be a bit different than usual. But, of course, so is the current, and so literally satanically well-executed, worldwide meltdown and slide into tyranny. Over the decade or so at this point that host Mark Call has been quoting Revelation 18:4, and advising that we take to heart the advice to “Come out of her, My people,” the concept of “follow the money” – or what at least now passes for it! — has been a frequent topic. It helps us to understand why “dishonest weights and measures,” like fiat currency, are such an abomination to the Author of Scripture. But it has never been more clear, and urgent, to realize that the END of that system is at hand, and is coming apart, and DOWN, exactly as PLANNED. Don’t miss this examination of what that means.

Truth is the first casualty of war, but it may also be the first casualty of “existential threats” that really aren’t. Isn’t is “funny” how an ultimately fairly innocuous childhood malady like measles became a panic-inducing CRISIS last year — so horrific that tyrants in New York felt compelled to force-vaccinate children and demonize and penalize parents who chose NOT to inject them — but what MIGHT be the most severe pandemic in modern medical history is “no real problem,” at least UNTIL the CDC decides it’s time to induce panic? Mark takes a look at the 20% truth hidden in the 80% propaganda surrounding the latest Massive Distraction, and what we need to pay attention to now. Real vs Propagandized “Existential Threats,” and the Wannabe Tyrants Who Push Them!

News, commentary, and an extended summary of the week ending 16 November, 2019, and pretty much any pretense about the “Rule of Law” as well.

News, commentary, and and extended summary of the week ending Friday, 21 June, 2019.

The Mark Call Show for Saturday, 28 October, 2017.



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