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Same day voter registration being proposed by SOS candidate Sen Mark Hass: open door to voter fraud? Transgender unintended consequences: two stories from UK/Canada that illustrate what will likely happen in OR. Negative culture impacts? How far will depravity be rammed down our throats by the courts using the discrimination argument? SOS Bev Clarno rejects language of OFIR  ballot initiative that just repeals a recently passed law for illegal alien drivers licenses. Doing Kate’s bidding?

Is Kate afraid she may lose the 1.4B lawsuit against the state for violating OR law about using state forestland for its highest purpose? Kate forms team to hire outside contractors to clean up incompetence at State Dept of Forestry. An Oregon Republican Senator wants to know what’s it going to take to get the liberty minded grassroots fired up for the next election?

Kate”s Timber Unity/Timber industry buy off plan is exposed, sort of. She releases a smoke and mirrors timber management plan that will not work in the end. Linn County commissioners 1.4 Billion lawsuit against the state for breaking the law by managing state forests for their benefit finally goes to trial in Linn County 4 years later. OR Dems straw poll favors Warren for President and Speaker Kotek for Governor. Will this radical shift to the left move moderate Dems towards Republicans?    

Can Oregon be saved from socialism if majority of millennials are socialist?  WW story about OR survey that shows millenmnials  by 1% favor socialism over capitalism. Is capitalism dead? OR Senator Alan Olsen files complaints against Dems for creating hostile workplace: turnabout is fair play by using Dem tactics against them. WSJ analysis shows Republicans now represent the majority of poor and middle class, working families and Dems the rich in the cities.

What are the benefits or negatives of the failed Kate Brown recall efforts? Hypocrite Kate? She flies in a private jet to Sunriver and back in the same day producing mountains of greenhouse gasses while saying she is going to implement Cap and Tax.

Is going Democrat lite the way for House Republicans in OR to win back the majority? Are standing firm on polarizing issues like guns, forced vaccinations, job killing and rural destroying cap and tax schemes  worth fighting for like the OR senate R’s did with their walkout? Is Oregon’s twice the rate of manufacturing slowdown because of all the left wing, high cost taxes, rules and regulations forced upon Oregon manufacturers?

How do you get justice when Govt harms you, you sue, then they change the rules because they know they are going to lose and the Oregon Court of Appeals throws out the lawsuit? Gov Kate is all talk, no action. Eugene Weekly story about Kate saying last year that she would take action on Oregon’s addiction crisis where seven people die every day, (far more than gun deaths) and now she says she will delay decision till 2021.

OR’s public records advocate at the center of Gov Kate’s latest scandal says that exorbitant fees charged by state agencies in OR must be changed as sometimes they are immoral. Scott Rohter interview about his 2014 blog post asking why Obama/Biden were messing with Ukraine and how its relevant to today’s Trump impeachment direction.



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