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Trump’s new ESA rules are making the enviro wacko groups insane and state AG’s are threatening to sue. Kate signs cage free egg law: will they taste any better? New OR poll says Oregonians by 70% would pay higher taxes as an alternative to a high cost health care system.

NY Post article says there may be a link between dope smoking and mass shootings: raises lots of questions about state liability if they legalize like Oregon has done. Kate signs a new labor law for public employers that nullifies the impact of Janus and stacks the deck big time in favor of the unions. Oregon Fed  Judge rules against Trump’s withholding of Fed grants to Oregon because of sanctuary laws: Gonna get overturned

So red flag laws work? Perhaps at least for suicides, but not homicides. Has Timber Unity been hijacked by the political professionals to use as a cash cow?

Can Republicans counter the anti gun narrative for more gun control if they fear this will lose votes in the suburbs? Will Red Flag laws eliminate or reduce mass shootings? Kate’s proposed vetos actually hurt Democrats

After the 2 mass shootings this weekend, do we need more gun laws and do we need to ban so called weapons of war? Kate Brown releases her veto list: it isn’t as bad as we thought, maybe because editorial boards hit her hard on being vindictive and nasty? Did they do polling that showed this was going to hurt Dems in the next elections?

Freedom Friday, Kate Brown calls the death penalty immoral and costly as she signs a bill that limits it’s use: no word if she has un-suspended her suspension of the death penalty which is unconstitutiona. Ron Wyden says Trump’s lies are worthy of impeachment inquiry    

Bend Bulletin editorial hits Kate for “Revenge” comment, SOS audit says state agencies wasting money with use it or lose it/state’s spending transparency website is a joke. Feel Good story: Albany car dealership gives vet with 4 kids a car for free.

Kate Brown’s “Revenge” comment leaves a bad taste, signaling she will punish R and D Senators who opposed her Dem Senator Betsy Johnson warns Dems that a sleeping political giant has been awakened with the Timberunity movement

Trump’s communication style hurts him with women? Buying votes at the end of the session: it killed disaster preparedness funds for rural OR

Ban so called ‘weapons of war’? Would red flag laws have stopped the weekend mass shootings? Kate’s veto list revealed: punishing a Dem Senator?



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