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Gov Kate breaks her silence on her Death Penalty nullification bill screw up: now she supports a special session to fix it, no doubt after they spent days polling the damage to Dems in the next election. Will Dems try to steal the record 1.6 billion kicker income tax refund in the Feb 2020 session? Trump may dramatically accelerate the building of the southern border wall and how that impacts Oregon

King of Welfare? Billionaire Elon Musk gets billions in subsidies, including a bunch from Oregon taxpayers. Spitting in someone’s face can get you arrested for a bias crime: will free speech be the next expansion of a bias crime? Kate says Oregon will no longer take Federal title 10 funds because of abortion restrictions yet they are going to continue funding abortion and other services with state money: where are they diverting funds to pay for this?

The GOP in OR says they are on track to gather enough signatures to force a recall election on Kate Brown . What are your top  3 reasons why Oregon voters would kick her out of office? Monmouth University poll has hidden nugget that blunts a Dem talking point about healthcare

Oregonian editorial hits Kate hard for foot dragging on special session to fix the damage the retroactive death penalty review bill creates for the families of murder victims. Andrew Luck walks away in his prime for all the right reasons: family comes first. Oregon legislative Democrats want to change Oregon’s constitution to take away the rights of the minority so they can rule with the tyranny of the majority

Kate’s extortion racket: hypocritically supporting campaign limits while raising millions from businesses that get state contracts saying she wont stop until the law makes her. Kate’s climate change executive action: she can’t do much other than hurt the same rural businesses and communities that she is trying to convince that her cap and trade policy won’t be bad for them. Is Trump the Chosen One? He uses it to push back to the fake news story that a possible recession because of his China trade war. Trump’s economy: revised employment numbers downward help Trump’s quest to get the Fed to lower interest rates

Transparent Kate strikes again: she refuses to say how many of her state employees are volunteering for her campaign. Peter Courtney suggests legislators need to be paid for a full time salary so they don’t engage in scams like Republican Greg Smith who has become rich while serving in the legislature. The Democrats Death Penalty ‘word scam’: they want Republicans to bail them out of a problem they created.

Do you believe a poll that says 75% of Oregonians are willing to pay 2 or 3 times more taxes for a universal health care system run by the state of Oregon? It’s fake news meant to give cover to Dem legislators to pass such a new system in the next session.

Is Trump toxic to any Republican running for office in Oregon? New poll shows Trump beating every Democrat for President. Is Oregon really as Blue as everyone says? Maybe not if the OR GOP Kate Brown recall momentum is any indication. How any candidate can answer the abortion question: Say what Trump says.

What will the outcome of continued violent protests in Portland? Will the Proud Boys continue to stoke the flames of radical left wing protestors like Antifa so Trump is justified in classifying them as a domestic terrorist organization? Damage control 2.0: Oregonian editorial hits Jennifer Williamson hard for lying about ‘retroactive language that is at the center of the controversy about how the legislature is going around the constitution on the death penalty.

Freedom Friday: what does freedom mean to you? Article in Oregon Catalyst about makes the argument that it depends on your perspective. Follow up on yesterday’s story about the confusion around the laws nullifying Oregon’s death penalty  



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