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Is Oregon ready for universal health care? Not when you educate the public to how it will affect them personally. Independent support for Impeachment inquiry drops 10% in one week; we can use this in Oregon

How conservatives can win persuadable voters hearts in Blue Oregon. How to fight like Trump and win without lying. Radical environmental community urging Kate to impose Oregon’s job destroying Green New Deal by Executive Order if it fails in Feb 2020 session: she doesn’t have the constitutional authority folks

Kate gets slapped down by Oregon court of appeals for not having authority to ban vaping. Oregon Dems  reject open primaries because they are fearful that NAV conservative voters might choose the weakest Dem to lose in Nov.

The greatness of America: Two veterans with no family have hundreds of Oregon citizens show up at their funerals at Willamette National Cemetery. A emotional story you can use to plant seeds even in the minds of leftists. Don’t give legitimacy to the sham impeachment hearings in DC today by watching them. Lets lower their ratings and steal some of their thunder by not watching.

Veterans Day 2019. How will you celebrate Veterans day? Heritage Foundation story about it’s history and how to celebrate it. Oregon veterans day celebration at the Capitol today. Oregon veterans statistics in the workplace. 95 yr old WW2 veteran gets his HS diploma

Daca is argued today before the US Supreme Court: what should we do about this issue if SCOTUS overturns the policy? Corvallis school board member who wrote anti cop tweet is resigning: how can such a radical person who identifies as binary ever get elected? Govt worker union membership has seen double digit declines according to DAS data:

Freedom Friday. King County WA is gonna sue to overturn the recent vote of the people capping car tab fees: Does this create voter anger? Lars Larson mentions the name of the so called whistleblower on Fox News and you would think the world is coming to an end. LOL

Redstate story has a nugget of data that can make a difference in OR elections but only if R candidates embrace Trump and if Trump visits OR: stunning number of Democrats show up at Trump rallies and large numbers of unaffiliated voters who show up haven’t been voting for years. Trump Louisiana rally last night had hilarious moments and massive enthusiasm. Linn Co timber lawsuit against the state continues with expert testimony that 15 counties lost nearly 700M because of mismanagement.



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