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Hope: do you have hope that Oregon can return to a balanced political policy? Why are there so many homeless people in Oregon? Have many lost hope for a better life or are they coping with policies that force them to be homeless? 3 billion in new taxes passed by the legislature that raise the cost of living for the  average Oregon family 2,307 this upcoming year?

how will you handle impeachment talk at thanksgiving? How to handle troublemakers in your family when it comes to political conversation during thanksgiving.

Trump makes secret trip to Afghanistan to spend Thanksgiving with deployed troops. The MSM was foiled because they were waiting to criticize him for spending the day at his Florida resort. Did you avoid impeachment conversations during Thanksgiving dinner? Did you mix it up? Were you persuadable? Can a horse sue a person? Yup, its happening in OR. https://www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-horse-lawsuit-animal-rights-case-agriculture/    

Welcome to the vengeance election: is that a helpful motivation to vote, with malice and trying to stick it to the other side? Article says this will be the case https://theweek.com/articles/879231/welcome-vengeance-election  Will a $2 per pack of cigarettes hurt the poor? If it’s that bad, should it just be banned? Organizations that benefit from OR government spending are funding the campaign. https://www.heraldandnews.com/news/local_news/oregon-cigarette-tax-supporters-reveal-massive-war-chest/article_c4ba9227-d027-5dc1-bc39-520b32be3c59.html

Is Trump chosen by God to lead America? Rick Perry says so in FoxNews interview. US AG Barr writes letter to OR/WA Supreme Courts that their rule banning Federal LE officers from making arrests in Oregon courthouses violates the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi’s House introduces a bill that dramatically hurts small business. Trump’s campaign manager writes OPED in SJ that signals Trump may play in OR

Freedom Friday Parental rights under attack at the Mollala school district. Interview with Johnathan Lockwood. The bureaucrats and politicians are lying again about the I-5 bridge replacement

Linn County wins 1.1B timber lawsuit against the state of Oregon. Where will the state get the money to pay it if they lose on appeal? What would make you feel empowered to get active politically? Lara Trump and Trump’s campaign manager were here in Oregon and considering putting major resources into Oregon next year



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