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Freedom Friday: what do you want to talk about politically? Leftist PBS/OPB story about black Republican leaving the party cause he says Trump is a racist. Fake news? Do Trump’s tweets make you not vote for him if you voted for him in 2016? How to respond one on one when someone attacks Trump over tweets: talk about his successes that benefit you. Bad news story by OR AP reporter that reads like an editorial rather than a fair new story: it’s whats wrong with journalism

Your humble radio talk host has made the news: I filed complaints against the Gov’s lawyer with the Bar and Judicial Fitness commission and the Oregonian wrote a story about it. Governor Kate is caught in another lie as another Oregonian story about her exposes it. Oregonian editorial hits Kate hard and says she should rescind Isaak nomination to the OR Court of Appeals.

Trust: it’s basic to human interaction and we want to trust our elected officials here in Oregon. Yet, the resignation of Oregon’s transparency advocate because the Governor and her staff wanted the advocate to not act independently as the legislature clearly intended only reinforces the cynical view that the fox is guarding the henhouse. Kate then throws under the bus her two lawyers who did her bidding in demanding the independent advocate run everything  by the Gov’s office first. How can those employees trust her now? How can anyone trust Kate as the newspapers editorials have noted in scathing critiques of her not being transparent like she pledged to be. Exit Question: what is the breaking point for Kate supporters to finally walk away from her and sign the recall petitions?

Time for a Fed investigation into Nike allegedly paying high school athletes? Steve Duin says Just do it! Devastating OPED by a minority female truck company owner from Lebanon about out of touch legislators who voted to put her out of business with Cap and Tax. Unintended consequences of the policy reinforces my conviction of term limits and limiting the number of bills heard in the long session. Snarky story from OPB about Timber Unity launching a recall against freshman Dem Tiffany Mitchell from Astoria who voted for Cap and Tax. Should laws be passed that limit private businesses from efficiencies like robotics they have to make to deal with new laws that increase their cost of labor? Grocers say grocery union initiative limiting the number of self checkout’s at stores is just a bargaining tactic.

Freedom Friday: what do you want to talk about politically? Listener emails on homelessness impact in Salem and homosexual indoctrination that has been a long term goal using sophisticated psychological persuasion over the last 30 years. Kate Brown recall: Capitol Press editorial gets it mostly right in its assessment of why it’s happening. How do we fix the homelessness problem?

ORP Chairman Bill Currier says they are more than half way to enough signatures to put a recall against Gov Kate on the ballot. Kate’s education advisor states a bold faced lie in an OPED. Trump will never create an agency that scores each of us on social media to determine if we can buy a gun: total fake news. Oregon’s two US Senators decry Trump diverting their pork for the military in OR for the border wall: they vow to restore the funding which they will do and Trump will get away with it.

The real backstory on why Mark Hass is running for SOS. Fake news poll about Biden beating Trump by 12%. More fake news: Editorial about confusion in Kate Brown recall demonstrates liberal bias and is highly misleading. Why Trump will get away with diverting billions in military construction spending for the border wall

Can prayer move hurricanes? If it can, can it work with politicians? Massive study in UK shows that people have less patience than ever due to technology: should it be regulated because of such impacts? Salem’s red light camera’s are being installed: will it lead to more accidents?

Labor Day: lots of labor strikes during Labor Day in Oregon. Tech investor says digital assistants are listening in on  us and should be regulated by law. Should legislators and political staffers be prohibited from being appointed to Oregon courts?. Victims rights advocate Steve Doell pens devastating OPED about criminals being considered victims by Oregon Supreme Court. Private investment in robotic fruit picking could have big impacts in Oregon to blunt Oregon’s effort to welcome illegal aliens

Freedom Friday: What do you want to talk about politically? OR Republicans are populist? Getting signatures for the Kate Brown recall. Kate laughingly signs massive cost of living increase tax: it’s for the children LOL. Massive study concludes no genetic “gay gene”: MSM ignores and buries



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