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Freedom Friday: what political topic do you want to talk about? State regulator has Judge stop her trial even though she lied about letting an illegal day care operate where a child died. Trumps trade war with China is hurting OR agriculture: yet ag people still will vote for him again Queen Kate takes a big entourage on a junket to Doha Qatar to watch the World Track and Field championship and pledges an additional 20M in taxpayer money just lying around to subsidize the same championship in Eugene in 2021

Oregon’s red flag law is front and center as former Marine appeals the loss of his guns: free speech vs threatening. James Loftus interview about new NASA interactive learning broadcasts into Oregon public schools including ORCA, Oregon’s largest public online charter school.

Why the next election will be all about impeachment: if it fizzles it will hurt the Dems even here in Oregon. Bend Bulletin guest column: lays out the case against Kate and the Dems for arrogantly going against the will of the people. WW article incorrectly says impeachment proceedings have begun in the House: all other Oregon media correctly report it. Kylee Dixon says she doesn’t want to be dragged into a hospital for cancer surgery in testimony before a Clackamas County judge.

Are you afraid to sign the Kate Brown recall petition because your name and address becomes known?   New WSJ/NBC poll shows that free government healthcare for illegals is the least popular idea being discussed with 62% against. Salem city council may pass a new and unconstitutional per resident tax to fill their 16M budget hole: why reward bad fiscal behavior? Soros backed group wants to decriminalize heroin, meth: what message does that send?  

Gov Kate announces vacancy on Court of Appeals: only after she got caught gaming the process. Oregon Bar dismisses my complaint against the Gov’s top lawyer: sweeping under the rug? Climate crazed activists shut down interstates around DC and students walked out last week. When does this nuttiness finally push people in the middle over to our side because they think the radical activists actions are too extreme? Does are liberty as a nation doom our liberty?

Freedom Friday: what do you want to talk about politically? Oregon school kids are walking out of class to protest climate change inaction with no consequences: does that teach them that you can break the rules and get away with it if you are PC? How is that good in the long run for American culture? And while kids are protesting climate change inaction, we find out that Oregon’s K-12 test scores are the worst in 5 years: but the administrators say there is no correlation and they just need more money. Large heroin bust in Clackamas Town Center parking lot: guess who the folks arrested are? Hispanic and from WA and CA, states who allow illegals to get drivers licenses. But sanctuary state Oregon doesn’t send messages that you can come here and do that kind of activity and probably get away with it?

Oregonian editorial board says Kate’s actions not her words must restore her credibility over the non transparency debacle. Persuadable question you can ask: Does Kate care about the families of the victims of serial murderers on death row if she won’t listen to them or respond? Should taxpayers and parents sue school districts for letting their students have excused absences to leave and protest climate change inaction? Who said: “Murderers and pimps behave better than Trump administration officials”  Joy Behar  

Do you believe Kate is serious about being open and transparent now that she has been caught doing the opposite? Or is she just trying to save her job in the middle of a recall effort? The Governor’s lawyer withdraws his name to be appointed to the Oregon Court of Appeals. The Governor now pledges full support for an independent public records advocate. She also says any court vacancies will be made public first. Do you believe her? Governor Kate says she regrets the controversy: because she got caught trying to be the fox guarding the henhouse? As the Willamette Week story by Nigel Jaquiss notes, she waited 8 days to speak about this controversy: why? Polling to see if this controversy is hurting her?

Does Trump’s resiliency inspire confidence in you? How will impact Oregon politics? Is Kate Brown’s resiliency the same as Trumps? Albany Democrat Herald editorial hits Kate on this sordid ‘transparency’ affair. More Oregon school kids are going to skip school to protest Climate change inaction: it’s all part of the cover to ram Cap and Trade down our throats in the Feb session. There was a coup over night in the Oregon House Republican caucus: it’s all about a stronger response against Cap and Trade in the Feb session and was driven by big Republican donors  

Who said: “We are all God in drag”? More of Hollywood’s cultural rot that leads one to ask, what’s next? How far is too far? Two lawyers who worked with Misha Isaak write OPED defending him and throwing Kate Brown under the bus. Oregonian editorial board hits Kate Brown again for her silence on this sordid affair of Misha Isaak. Oregon schools must now teach Native American history in a curriculum designed by ODE:  how long until it becomes politically correct



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