Good Morning Salem with special guest Stephanie Bob with United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley.  http://www.unitedwaymwv.org

News, commentary, and an extended summary of the duplicitious, evil, but brilliantly “not wasted” events of the week ending 4 April, 2020.

Good Morning Salem with special guest Mike Reid, Executive Director of Hope Pregnancy Clinic in Salem. http://www.hopepregancyclinic.org

Any doubts people may have had LAST week that post-constitutional AmeriKa-with-a-K has experienced “TSHTF” — and that we “ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” — should have been removed this week. As the Pandemic Panic accelerated, and the police state tightened its grip over formerly-free states, the Hegelian “we created this problem so that NOW we can not only bail it out, but porkify what’s left” Dialectic coagulated, while the Deep State patted themselves on the back. So why does it seem like so many people – even those close to us! – still “have eyes, but do not see”? And now that it’s arguably more important to understand what is happening than ever before, how do we handle the conflict?

Community Resources brought to you by NW Natural and KSLM If you think you are experiencing symptoms- please call your doctor or 211 for testing information. www.211info.org  enter in your zipcode   County  www.marionhealth.org   Latest information regarding coronavirus: Oregon Health Authority  https://govstatus.egov.com/OR-OHA-COVID-19 www.healthoregon.org/cornavirus https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/DISEASESAZ/Pages/COVID-19.aspx   Federal information www.cornonavirus.gov   United Way Mid-Willamette Valley www.unitedwaymwv.org   Blood Donations Needed: American Red Cross Cascade Region   Call 1-800-733-2767 or go online for your appointment www.redcrossblood.org   Small Business https://www.oregon4biz.com/Coronavirus-Information/ https://www.oregon.gov/employ/Pages/COVID-19.aspx   Can I get unemployment: Oregon Employment Department https://www.oregon.gov/employ/Pages/COVID-19.aspx https://secure.emp.state.or.us/ocs4/index.cfm?u=F20200323A125617B13993793.9682&lang=E   What if I can’t work because my children are home from school? https://oregonearlylearning.com/COVID-19-Resources/For-Families Currently, the state is eliminating co-pays for eligible families and increasing income limit from 185% to 250% of the federal poverty level, or 85% of the state median income, whichever is higher for the family size. Ensures payments to child care providers even if the children are unable to attend.   Where can I get help with food? https://www.oregonfoodbank.org/help-our-communities-emergestronger-in-the-wake-of-covid-19/ Marion Polk Food Share recommends calling ahead Meals for children age 18 & under are offered at 36 locations throughout Salem and Keizer from 11-1pm Chemekata Community Colleges food pantry is staying open for students, faculty and staff.   […]

For a very long time now, observers with a perspective based on history, economics, and yes, Scripture, too, have pointed out that economic bubbles collapse, cycles repeat, and — as Thomas Jefferson noted, “the natural course of things is for government to gain ground, and liberty to yield.” It is now clear that “TSHTF” — or that, “The ‘stuff’ Has Hit the Fan”. Join host Mark Call for a follow-up this week of what to expect now, AFTER TSHTF. No, it’s not going to all be over in three weeks, or three months. Don’t get fooled again. Because, “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

Kate’s Climate Tax executive order indicates she is running for some higher office in the future. It’s likely gonna all end up in court as it is not constitutional. https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2020/03/oregon-climate-change-governor-signs-executive-order-to-reduce-greenhouse-gas-emissions.html Kate’s Carbon Tax isn’t constitutional; https://oregoncatalyst.com/46614-gov-brown-overrides-democracy-legislature-create-carbon-tax.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+OregonCatalyst+%28The+Oregon+Catalyst%29 Bernie gets beat badly by Biden: Why Bernie’s socialist healthcare idea won’t work as it isn’t in the UK/Canada: the real statistics: https://www.healthcareforyou.com/ Jack Esp interview: Republican candidate for HD 21. www.espfororegon2020.us http://espfororegon2020.us/ Does Oregon need to cut taxes and reduce spending if Coronovirus causes an Oregon recession? https://pamplinmedia.com/pt/10-opinion/455512-371599-our-opinion-if-covid-19-slows-state-economy-reconsider-tax-proposals-pwoff

The Deep State, Establishment Minions, Wastestream Media, and even Globalist Pseudo-Governmental Organizations like WHO, have finally decided that “it’s time to panic”. More importantly, time to pull the plug. The overblown stock markets, and Biggest Debt and Derivative Bubble in history, have now been pricked, and the air is coming out at the fastest pace ever – including the Crash of ’29 – as the longest bull breathes his last. Meanwhile, the Unprepared, but Scared, fight over rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, while ignoring things they may really need, like food. Join host Mark Call for an eye-opening look at what happens when TSHTF. Whatever you’ve heard in the past, that might today mean something like, the “Terminally Stupid Have To Fail.” We had better have other, better, plans.

  Good Morning Salem, with Stacey Ann- Every radio talk host has their FIRST SOLO SHOW–> here it is with all the fun learning curves on the way 🙂

News, commentary, and a summary of key news events for the week ending Saturday, 7 March, 2020.



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