Author: Mark Call

News, commentary, and an extended summary of the duplicitious, evil, but brilliantly “not wasted” events of the week ending 4 April, 2020.

Any doubts people may have had LAST week that post-constitutional AmeriKa-with-a-K has experienced “TSHTF” — and that we “ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” — should have been removed this week. As the Pandemic Panic accelerated, and the police state tightened its grip over formerly-free states, the Hegelian “we created this problem so that NOW we can not only bail it out, but porkify what’s left” Dialectic coagulated, while the Deep State patted themselves on the back. So why does it seem like so many people – even those close to us! – still “have eyes, but do not see”? And now that it’s arguably more important to understand what is happening than ever before, how do we handle the conflict?

For a very long time now, observers with a perspective based on history, economics, and yes, Scripture, too, have pointed out that economic bubbles collapse, cycles repeat, and — as Thomas Jefferson noted, “the natural course of things is for government to gain ground, and liberty to yield.” It is now clear that “TSHTF” — or that, “The ‘stuff’ Has Hit the Fan”. Join host Mark Call for a follow-up this week of what to expect now, AFTER TSHTF. No, it’s not going to all be over in three weeks, or three months. Don’t get fooled again. Because, “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

The Deep State, Establishment Minions, Wastestream Media, and even Globalist Pseudo-Governmental Organizations like WHO, have finally decided that “it’s time to panic”. More importantly, time to pull the plug. The overblown stock markets, and Biggest Debt and Derivative Bubble in history, have now been pricked, and the air is coming out at the fastest pace ever – including the Crash of ’29 – as the longest bull breathes his last. Meanwhile, the Unprepared, but Scared, fight over rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, while ignoring things they may really need, like food. Join host Mark Call for an eye-opening look at what happens when TSHTF. Whatever you’ve heard in the past, that might today mean something like, the “Terminally Stupid Have To Fail.” We had better have other, better, plans.

News, commentary, and a summary of key news events for the week ending Saturday, 7 March, 2020.

Normally, host Mark Call does a summary of news, and certainly commentary, regardingevents of the week ending Saturday, 29 February, 2020. But this week, given the carnage in the markets and smell of panic in the air, it’s time for something a bit different…

News, commentary, and a summary of key news events for the week ending Saturday, 22 February, 2020.

News, commentary, and an extended summary of news — from the real to the fake and even the smoke — ending Saturday, 15 February, 2020.

News, commentary, and an extended summary of the “turning-point” week ending Saturday, 8 February, 2020.

Truth is the first casualty of war, but it may also be the first casualty of “existential threats” that really aren’t. Isn’t is “funny” how an ultimately fairly innocuous childhood malady like measles became a panic-inducing CRISIS last year — so horrific that tyrants in New York felt compelled to force-vaccinate children and demonize and penalize parents who chose NOT to inject them — but what MIGHT be the most severe pandemic in modern medical history is “no real problem,” at least UNTIL the CDC decides it’s time to induce panic? Mark takes a look at the 20% truth hidden in the 80% propaganda surrounding the latest Massive Distraction, and what we need to pay attention to now. Real vs Propagandized “Existential Threats,” and the Wannabe Tyrants Who Push Them!



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