Author: Jeff Kropf

The long  and short term benefits of OR Republicans in the legislature walking out of the Feb session: Dems bristle because they know it hurts them. Some R’s understand that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Will R leadership repeat a successful tactic of walking out again? Trump rolls back un necessary and over restrictive water Obama regulations: Walden praises: Giuliani will hold Noon press conference today to release his research and facts when he investigated Biden family corruption in the Ukraine: Impeachment game-changer.

Going on offense: Dems are masters and R’s/conservatives are not and it’s playing out in how the impeachment sham was created and how Kate is trying to stop R’s from walking out in the Feb session. Trump campaign timeline that demonstrates how Dems strategy that lead to Mueller and impeachment Brietbart story about it: Is Kate behind the leftist Oregonian enviro reporters jihad against the Douglas County Commissioners? Is this a tactic to blunt their ability to stand against her Cap and Tax scam?

Impeachment trial day 1: should Oregon Republicans go on offense the way Trump’s legal team team did yesterday? Mark Levin’s stunning and powerful opening statement if he were on Trump’s senate trial legal team: worth the 38 minutes to watch US Senate Dems privately talking about trading Bolton for Biden: dumb mistake but please do it! Tina Kotek wants to throw 40M more of your money at the homeless problem without addressing root causes: US Supreme Court to hear Montana religious education case that has implications for Oregon:

How you can use the Trump impeachment trial in the US Senate to persuade persuadable Oregonians: House process allowed no Constitutional guaranteed due process to the President which is unfair and no crimes were listed in the actual articles of impeachment. Not so fast on tolling Oregon roads: group is gathering signatures for a constitutional amendment in OR that says the people get to vote on individual tolling decisions rather than the transportation commission: Kate says no to a bill limiting campaign contributions in the Feb session: she supports them but won’t let them move forward?

If Dr Martin Luther King Jr had lived, how would race relations in America be different? Even if Dr King was imperfect, did he still have a positive impact on race in America? Could the massive 2A rally in Virginia today be a game changer all across America?

Another anti gun storage bill introduced for the Feb session:– TimberUnity is fed up: will R’s be embolden to walk out again? WAPO hit piece on Trump backfires: it’s why we elected him and it helps Trump:

Is “do as I say and not as I do” an effective argument that helps persuade the persuadables to reconsider who and how they vote? Actions speak louder than words is universally accepted in human nature as an indicator of individual honesty so if you can point out examples of politicians doing this in impeachment and Oregon’s Cap and Trade scam, will it move people in your circle of influence? Can Dem Senators be impartial jurors in an impeachment trial when they have already said they would vote to impeach? more do as I say: OR Dems to introduce Cap and Trade Scam in Feb short session; they claim to care about the poor and middle class yet their votes for cap and trade and the hidden sales tax dramatically increase the cost of living for those same people. More do as I say

Listener email: if it’s for the children, it has to be for their parents first. Conservative values, constitutional fidelity produce liberty and opportunity for the future of our kids and grandkids with parents living the American dream in a robust economy and orderly society.

Does ‘see i told you so’ ever persuade anyone? Especially if its political? No, cause it’s boasting. My prediction is that we will all have that choice when it is exposed that Dem legislators will divert large portions of the new hidden sales tax from schools. Damaging headline to Democrats on their watered down Cap and Trade tax scam: should Republicans walk out again to stop? Will kids be used as props to shame R’s to stay in OR?

Do you want the same special tax breaks and subsidies that the privileged few who are politically connected in OR get? Is the fix still in that protects Kate?



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