Author: Jeff Kropf

Will Kopycat Kate follow CA Gov Newsom and order shelter in place here in Oregon? Based on what evidence it’s necessary? She’s says no but… And so it begins: legislative panel needs more money so they are laying groundwork for Coronavirus special session and the kicker/sales tax might be on the agenda: yeah, well the only thing the Dems will want to do is to steal the kicker and divert the business sales tax money. Kate prioritizes who gets the 5,000 test kits: I actually agree.

Kate’s administration warns of economic downturn and the legislature should watch it’s spending! Astonishing as Kate’s utopian vision is driving the incredible growth of state spending! Is a sales tax coming from a special session? PERS is taking a huge hit from 30% stock market decline that we will pay for about four years down the road: Trump doubles down on calling the virus the Chinese virus and is accused of being racist by the left media: The same media was calling it the same name a month ago.

Should Kate lock down the state? no cause the regular flu is declining in OR: CDC regular flu has killed 22,000 already but is declining: Surge in gun sales in OR: Doctors and nurses are buying: Why Kate extended the school closures: not enough staff:

Kate issues edict: no meetings over 25 people and all restaurants/bars are closed except for takeout for 4 weeks: Is it a conspiracy? Is the Coronavirus really a bioweapon engineered in a lab? By Whom? Who does it help or hurt?

Why Kate’s Exec Order enacting Cap and Tax concepts is likely unconstitutional: It’s a big risk for her as WA Gov Inslee tried the same thing and most was rejected by his liberal Supreme Court Kate’s Cap and Tax Exec Order gamble relies on an expansion of the clean fuels program: Kate may issue Emergency Ban on all restaurants and bars today: It’s not constitutional folks! Don’t live in fear!!!

Kate reverses herself and bans public schools. Is Kate’s ban on gatherings of 250 Constitutional? Not the way she has implemented it: Other constitutional considerations that make us different from the rest of the world in virus response:

Is Kate Brown’s Coronovirus ban on public gatherings over 250 people constitutional? It’s ok to ban churches but not schools or government offices? Where’s the ACLU on this issue? Is it Constitutional to lock Americans down the way Italy and China have done to their citizens? No it isn’t: Most people who get Coronovirus recover in two weeks or less.

Kate’s Climate Tax executive order indicates she is running for some higher office in the future. It’s likely gonna all end up in court as it is not constitutional. Kate’s Carbon Tax isn’t constitutional; Bernie gets beat badly by Biden: Why Bernie’s socialist healthcare idea won’t work as it isn’t in the UK/Canada: the real statistics: Jack Esp interview: Republican candidate for HD 21. Does Oregon need to cut taxes and reduce spending if Coronovirus causes an Oregon recession?

How do you win a war? How can Republicans in OR win hearts and minds on cap and tax that Kate wants to impose now by executive order? There’s no need for cap and tax because OR is already reducing GHG and energy: the facts Winning hearts and minds on Kate and the progressive Democrat leadership’s protection of criminal illegal aliens: ICE issues subpoena’s and federal law will win in the end. OR Sen Republican leader quits:

Gov Kate declares coronovirus emergency: should schools be shut down along with most large public gatherings? Turns out the Eboard is going to approve extra money to deal with it and other issues Dems said only legislation during short session could do. What hypocrites! OR Senator Brian Boquist interview about his newsletter assertion that cap and tax policy is the true national security threat. Timber Unity runs full page Oregonian ad over the weekend thanking OR Republican legislators for walking out with profoundly good messaging.



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