Author: Jeff Kropf

Freedom Friday. King County WA is gonna sue to overturn the recent vote of the people capping car tab fees: Does this create voter anger? Lars Larson mentions the name of the so called whistleblower on Fox News and you would think the world is coming to an end. LOL

Redstate story has a nugget of data that can make a difference in OR elections but only if R candidates embrace Trump and if Trump visits OR: stunning number of Democrats show up at Trump rallies and large numbers of unaffiliated voters who show up haven’t been voting for years. Trump Louisiana rally last night had hilarious moments and massive enthusiasm. Linn Co timber lawsuit against the state continues with expert testimony that 15 counties lost nearly 700M because of mismanagement.

Ambassador Sondland didn’t change his testimony as reported. ABC news anchor hits her network in secret video for killing her Epstien story 3 years ago and then denies it. Who can you trust even with visual evidence? Another Metro tax increase passes: when will even liberal voters wake up? Tucson voters reject sanctuary city status: can that happen here?

Are you part of the Trump cult because you support him? Do you get offended when Trump is attacked  because you voted for his platform of saving our Republic? Should the local longshoreman’s union go bankrupt as a result of their being found guilty by a federal jury that awarded 93M to the company running the container shipping yard?

Kayne West helps lead 1000 to Christ in Baton Rougue? Cultural icon that could make a difference down the road? State officials alarmed by rise in child neglect cases and OR #2 for youth pot use: this is what happens when our leaders legalize drugs. Antifa thug gets 6 yrs for assaulting conservative protestor: will it stop them?

Freedom Friday US House impeachment scam vote: will the avg person realize it’s smoke and mirrors? Disgraced former OR Gov Kitzhaber said state forestland needed to be the playground of Portland and less logging: will this win the 1.4B lawsuit against the state?

What influence’s you politically? Does understanding that help us influence others? WA Post OPED tries to make the case that Trump would win in a landslide if he wasn’t so divisive, chaotic and mean. Totally wrong as it would cause him to lose in a landslide because that’s not what elected him. DHS email sent to all state employees in the department from the office of multicultural whatever that basically regurgitates Democrat party talking points against Trump without mentioning his name: why send such an email? Union membership loss perhaps ?

New poll shows 70% of likely American  voters believe in America First: how we can use that successfully here in Oregon elections. However: 54% identify as progressive while only 19% say they are socialist, even though they are the same. Moderate Republican State Sen Cliff Bentz is running for Walden’s seat and Knute Buehler is thinking about it. If a conservative files to run against these two moderates that split the moderate vote, can the conservative win?

Should an establishment or constitutional conservative Republican replace Walden in Congress? Why did Pelosi reverse herself and suddenly decide to hold a formal House vote on impeachment? Does declining church membership in Oregon affect us politically?

7 and 10 millennials say they would vote for a socialist: what’s the future implication of that for your liberty? Trump’s announcement of the killing of the ISIS leader is panned  by Dems: will it matter. Oregonian story lays out the devastating impact of the new sales tax on small businesses: it raises your cost of living. Cascade Policy story about the latest govt spending waste from city of Portland: what message does it send when no one ever gets held accountable for deceiving the public and even elected leaders.



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