Author: Jeff Kropf

Stunning economic comeback with blowout employment numbers as economy adds 2.5M jobs instead of another loss: More Kate Brown useless words: just trying to make people feel better with no real changes. Just throw money at it as Kate pledges 80M for OHA health equity plan, whatever that is. James O’Keefe strikes again with undercover video of how Antifa trains in Portland: AG Barr is watching closely: WW fake news: places old hit piece on website main page from 2018 in an attempt to blunt the O’Keefe damaging Antifa video:

Is saying your sorry enough? Should the National Guard  be used to quell a riot of voters impacted by  Kate’s incompetence with the unemployment dept instead of quelling the violence of the rioters destroying property and hurting cops in Oregon?   Is Kate’s lockdown responsible for the riots as some claim? If so are lockdowns destructive in addition to being ineffective? How do we change the victimhood mentality?

What will end the violence and protests? Can anything satisfy the protestors? Did Trump’s get tough with rioters message work? Relatively peaceful protests all over America after Trump and many governors bring in the National Guard. Protests/Riots again in Portland for 6th night in a row: Leftist media trying to equivocate Antifa/criminal violence with conservative groups: Curfew lifted because they won’t enforce it anyway. CYA: Ted Wheeler’s real reason for saying Gov mischaracterized his National Guard request: Religious freedom lawsuit: will the personal biases of the OR Supreme Court determine how they rule? Pray that it does not but that they will judge the issue according to the Constitution. Fired Unemployment Director Kay Erickson can now apply for unemployment! WW article provides false cover for Kate Brown just after GOP recall effort launched. Coincidence? Nah, that would never happen! LOL!  

Is there anything you can do to bridge the divide between the minorities that truly believe there is racism and inequality that can be satisfied with changes in the law? Kate gives up the game: defiantly goes after Trump as she is embarrassed into allowing just a few National Guard to be deployed in Portland. Should we pay $450 to get people to go back to work or just cut em off? Another Kate Brown phone system disaster: DMV phone system scrapped after one day as they  unbelievably used the same failed system that Employment Dept uses. Klamath Falls citizens with guns outnumber bussed in protestors:  

What’s the outcome if these violent riots are immediately crushed? Are police responding appropriately or should they enforce curfew with iron fist? What will satisfy those who claim they must have justice for past racism? Will any attitudes change if pandering politicians constantly promote victim thinking? Protests that became violent in Salem and violent rioters hit Portland for third night:   Kate finally fires incompetent Unemployment director Kay Erickson and puts in place her incompetent deputy so will anything change?  

Now Kate’s lawyers argue that her prior virus lockdown rules that damaged churches don’t matter because they are being treated the same as other gatherings: Wrongo! You can’t go backwards and claim no harm was done. They also argue in essence that constitutional rights being harmed aren’t as bad as the harm to public safety if the Baker Co judge’s injunction is upheld. Again they’re wrong because constitutional rights always trump statute. Portland settles with pro life protestor that sued because they made him leave a public park where he was preaching: He’s also part of the lawsuit against Kate Brown’s lockdown orders Sham Unemployment Dept hearing update: Legislative committee chairman reverses and holds extremely rare Sat committee hearing. They are very afraid of the power of this issue. Bend Bulletin editorial against sham hearing: OOPS! Kate concedes and establishes committee to oversee distribution of CARES act money to rural Oregon: somebody got to her and I bet the recall has something to do with it>    

Half of all jobless claims filed with Oregon have not been paid 2 months after shutdown. Sham hearing yesterday where the unemployment dept spent the entire time presenting a powerpoint about how they are gonna fix the problem and the chairman wouldn’t allow any questions. Even WWeek excoriates the sham hearing:   Interview with Timber Unity President Mike Pihl about their support for Senator Chuck Thomsen:   Devastating OPED in Mail tribune about how Kate and ruling Dems don’t care about rural Oregon.

Free exercise of Religion trumps Kate’s emergency powers doesn’t it?  A new lawsuit is filed in Federal court in Eugene asserting exactly what other Federal lawsuits against in person religious services restrictions are asserting.   What’s next as Baker Co judge doesn’t back down from bullying of liberal Oregon Supreme Court:   Don’t drink and drive: another tragedy.

Kate still says churches aren’t essential but pot shops and liquor stores are? Today is OR Supreme Court deadline on religious freedom state lawsuit: Will judge give them defy them by claiming his reasoning is based on first amendment? Would that open the door for a Federal appeals court decision? California releases quidelines for church reopening: DOJ sides with Virginia church: The constitution is not suspended in times of crisis: Professor Hinkley was right: Oregon’s Covid cases were declining before Kate Brown locked us down:

Do you have a personal story about Memorial Day that has impacted you? Have you passed it on to your children/grandchildren? Will you visit a cemetery today? Positive stories of veterans blessing others on Memorial Day:  



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